Covid-19 has affected the daily lives of everyone in the UK and the rest of the world. It has ,had, an impact on businesses, wages, rent, mortgages, travel, health, lifestyle, weddings, events & many other things.

In the wedding industry, many couples ,who, had invested time, effort & money into planning their beautiful wedding day have been affected by this pandemic. However, at this point where there is no clarity on the future of the wedding industry, a lot of couples are finding it overwhelming & stressful to make a decision.

Following the recent announcement from the UK government that from June 1st, small wedding ceremonies will be allowed, many couples will be considering their options. We await the government to highlight the details of the ‘official’ definition of small weddings.

What options do you have?

Postpone your wedding

You can choose to postpone your wedding to another time. If/When postponing, be flexible in choosing a new date as venues & suppliers are getting booked and may not have your new date.

Get Married (Civil or Religious Ceremony) & Postpone the Reception/Party

You can decide to have your ,wedding, ceremony and postpone the reception party till a time when you can celebrate with your guests.

Get Married & Stream the Wedding

You can choose to have a small ceremony (based on the numbers allowed), adhering to social distancing rules and ,also ,stream the ceremony to your other loved ones and guests online via zoom, a private Facebook page & other streaming services.

Cancel your wedding

You can decide to cancel your wedding having considered all your options and it makes sense for you to do so. This may be suitable for those who have planned a destination wedding and are unable to reschedule their wedding day. However, we would encourage you to still celebrate your love by having your wedding ‘at home’ destination.

What should you do next?

  • Read your venue & supplier contracts or terms & conditions
  • If you choose to postpone your original date, be flexible with your new date or venue
  • If you decide to postpone, contact your venue and suppliers to inform them.
  • Ensure that you will be able to get all the documents needed for your new date from registrar or church depending on the type of ceremony you are having (civil or religious)
  • Book or confirm your new date with the venue.
  • Check that your initial suppliers are available for your new date and can still provide their services on your big day. Suppliers that are not available may be happy to transfer your booking to another recommended supplier or recommend another supplier
  • Book your registrar or church. You may not be able to book this for some time as registrar offices & churches are closed.
  • If you decide to cancel your original wedding date, do let your venue and suppliers know so that they can release your date to another couple who may need it.
  • Keep your family & guests updated on your decision

We cannot imagine how stressful & overwhelming this period has been for couples, but remember:

  • Your wedding day will come and when it does, it will be a beautiful and amazing experience
  • If you postpone your wedding to 2021 or beyond, take a planning break. Do something relaxing.
  • Follow the government’s advice & guidelines
  • Focus on the reason why you are getting married (Your love for each other)
  • Ultimately the decision is yours, choose whatever option makes you happy.

We hope you continue to stay safe in this unprecedented period.