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Wedding Trends Post Covid-19

Top 7 Wedding Trends to expect Post Covid-19

One thing we will all remember the year 2020 for is the impact of Covid-19 all over the world. Regardless of your class, status, religion, race or belief, everyone was affected. Gradually, we are seeing that countries are beginning to ease the lock down gradually and we would see events gradually picking up again but with a difference. Here are our top wedding trends we expect to see. What Trends would we see? Smaller Guest numbers It is safe to…

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COVID-19 & Your Wedding: Your Options

Covid-19 has affected the daily lives of everyone in the UK and the rest of the world. It has ,had, an impact on businesses, wages, rent, mortgages, travel, health, lifestyle, weddings, events & many other things. In the wedding industry, many couples ,who, had invested time, effort & money into planning their beautiful wedding day have been affected by this pandemic. However, at this point where there is no clarity on the future of the wedding industry, a lot of…

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