You have dreamed of planning your wedding day, probably since your childhood, now you are engaged and planning your dream day but you didn’t expect to have series of fights or get into arguments about the wedding planning with your fiance/fiancee.

Conflicts are bound to arise during wedding planning as you may both have difference of opinion on issues. Almost every couple have conflicts over these 4 topics during wedding planning. You may also be one of the lucky couples who do not have conflicts during the wedding planning but if you do, see it as a time to bring your values together as ONE

What are the top 4 wedding planning conflicts?


Discussing your personal finance with someone other than yourself may be difficult as you have managed your finances yourself for a long time and it has worked for you. One or both of you may let the wedding budget go in an unexpected direction at some point – whether its a fabulous tux or spending extra on a bespoke service. This may result in fights.

Guest List

Your union is a fusion of two different families which includes the bride’s parents and groom’s parents. If we break this down further, it accommodates bride’s mother’s family, bride’s father’s family then groom’s mother’s family and groom’s father’s family. Now add your friends to the list. Phew! That’s a lot of people to consider while making your guest list and couples tend to argue about who should be on the guest list.

Wedding Planning Duties

Most brides usually feel like they do all or most of the work when it comes to wedding planning and this can be frustrating. One or both of you might feel like your efforts on the wedding planning work is unappreciated, which can be a horrible feeling. Then you may also begin to hear words like “You’re being a Bridezilla” “I don’t care about the details” “I am a man, I don’t care about colours” which can make you both argue.


When your relationship started, you must have felt like you love your in-laws but at some point during the wedding planning, your feelings may go up and down. You will experience all the wonderful weirdness of both of your families, this is definitely going to be on display during the wedding planning which can lead to awful pre-wedding arguments.  

This is the most common wedding fight and we see it as an excellent opportunity to find out each other’s unspoken assumptions about family boundaries.  It’s an opportunity to iron out exactly how much of your time, attention, and decision-making you feel family members have a right to influence. You may discover that one or both of you cave easily to parent’s demands/wishes.

We hope that this prepares you as you start to plan your wedding or if you are already planning your wedding. Remember, conflicts will arise during this process but you have to know the end goal of your union. Next time, we will discuss on how to manage the conflicts.

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