In our last post, we established that conflicts are bound to arise during wedding planning and we shared the top 4 common wedding panning conflict. Today, we will discuss on how to manage the conflicts that arise during wedding planning.

When these conflicts arise, how do you manage or deal with them? Read our top 6 tips below.

Remain United with your Fiance/Fiancee

It is important that you and your partner work together, make decisions together, so when having discussions with your parents or parent-in-law, you do not appear divided. When you don’t appear to be on the same page, your parents can pick on this and play on it.

Be Flexible

Be open to consider other perspective, opinion or solutions. Listen and block out all other distractions when you are communicating with each other. Focus on what you are trying to do and aim for a compromise or a win-win solution.

Be Practical

As you plan your wedding, you begin to realise how every detail add up in your budget. Be practical & realistic in your approach to resolving issues. For example, when in conflict about your guest list, keep calm, bring out the calculator, pen and spreadsheet to show how adding more guests increases your wedding budget.  

Focus on what you can control

You can only control your own responses and approach, but you cannot control others. If you cannot control it, let it go. It is not worth wasting your time, effort and emotions on what you cannot control.

Pause and Focus

Wedding Planning can be stressful, it is important to sometimes breathe, take a break and do something other than wedding planning. If you are in a conflict zone, pause and do something that you both enjoy and have fun. This will help you to have a ‘refreshed’ approach.


Sometimes, someone who is outside your box can have a fresh perspective from both of you and will be able to help you with a solution to resolve your conflict. For example, you can choose to hire a wedding planner or coordinator who is neutral, unbiased and able to be a mediator for you both. 

Sometimes your conflict may be more than the issue at hand that creates the tension.  It may be how you feel physically – tired, stressed, or hungry. It is also important to remain in the present when dealing with conflict and avoid bringing issues from the past. We cannot over emphasize the important of communication in resolving conflicts.

It is important to resolve your conflicts before the wedding day so that you are both happy and relaxed on your beautiful wedding day.

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