For many couples getting married this year, it has been a really stressful and overwhelming period as you decide the best options for you regarding your wedding. Here are a few tips to help you in your decision.

1. Government Guidelines

Follow all the guidelines issued by the UK government on and This will be kept updated over the coming months. Your health and safety is very important.

2. Contact your Venue

You must have booked your venue for your dream wedding especially for those getting married in this year. We advise that you check your contract terms with the venue on postponing or cancellation before contacting the venue. As this is an unprecedented event, most venues are providing support to accommodate change of date request.

3. Contact all your Vendors/Suppliers

Speak with all your suppliers to see if they are happy for you to postpone/cancel your wedding date. If your vendor does not have your date, check the cancellation terms of your contract. Will a refund be given? Will a cancellation charge apply?

4. Contact all your guests

Send a postponement/cancellation announcement to all your guests and give them as much notice as you can especially for out of town guests. Some of your guests may also need to cancel booked accommodation or flights.

5. Check your wedding insurance policy before cancelling or postponing your wedding

If you purchased a wedding insurance, do contact the provider before making a decision to postpone or cancel your wedding to ensure that your proposed new date will still be covered.

Finally, speak to your wedding planner/coordinator about your concerns and they will be able to offer you further advice or guidance.