One thing we will all remember the year 2020 for is the impact of Covid-19 all over the world. Regardless of your class, status, religion, race or belief, everyone was affected. Gradually, we are seeing that countries are beginning to ease the lock down gradually and we would see events gradually picking up again but with a difference. Here are our top wedding trends we expect to see.

What Trends would we see?

Smaller Guest numbers

It is safe to say that larger weddings will be reduced for sometime and couples would begin to reduce their guest lists and have more intimate weddings with fewer guests. A lot of thoughts will be put into consideration by the couple before inviting a guest to the wedding celebrations.

Hand Sanitizing/Hand Washing

We will begin to see Hand Sanitizing stations at venues and frequent hand washing by guests and vendors at weddings. Also, couples will begin to incorporate hand sanitizers to be given to each guest or on each table at the wedding or perhaps hire a hand sanitizing station if not provided by the venue.

Weekday Weddings

As most weddings in 2020 have been affected and most couples have postponed their wedding to be held in 2021, there will be more weddings in 2021. However, as some couples have struggled to get a weekend day, some have changed their wedding to a weekday due to venue availability.

Trendy Face masks

We will begin to see the use of trendy face masks at weddings both for couples and guests. There may also be restrictions on attendance/entry for guests who do not comply with using face masks. Face masks may also become compulsory for indoor weddings.

Social Distancing

During the lock down period, we have all adhered to social distancing rules in public places. This has gradually become the norm for our safety and the safety of others to keep our distance. We will begin to see weddings adapting social distancing in style especially in venue design/styling.

Digital Guests

We have seen an increase in virtual weddings during the lock down period. Couples will begin to consider streaming their weddings to their loved ones who are unable to make the wedding celebrations due to long term health conditions, imposed travel restrictions or new travel guidelines/rules which may affect guests from overseas attending the wedding.

Spectacular Wedding Decoration/Styling

The quiet wedding season has given wedding decorators/stylists time to look into ways to be more creative and are looking forward to showing this to Brides & Grooms. Also, as guests numbers/list will begin to reduce for weddings, brides & grooms will have more in their budget to create a beautiful, dreamy, intimate & elegant experience for their guests.

We hope this helps you as you start or continue to plan your wedding day. Overall make sure that whatever trend you decide to follow or incorporate into your wedding day, is perfect for you as a couple.

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